TxDOT has issued a Record of Decision (ROD) for the North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP) and it is available for review. The ROD identifies the selected alternative and signifies the completion of the environmental review process.

The Selected Alternative includes construction of roadway improvements to add four managed express (MaX) lanes on I-45 from Downtown Houston to Beltway 8 North, reroute I-45 to be parallel with I-10 on the north side of Downtown Houston and parallel to US 59/I-69 on the east side of Downtown Houston, realign sections of I-10 and US 59/I-69 in the Downtown area to eliminate the current roadway reverse curves that limit capacity, and depress US 59/I-69 between I-10 and Spur 527 south of Downtown to remove the problematic weaving sections. The proposed project also includes reconstruction of mainlanes and frontage roads; addition of bicycle/pedestrian realms along the streets that cross the freeways, including a 15- to 17-foot-wide pedestrian realm that will create a buffer between the bicycle/pedestrian traffic and the vehicular traffic; addition of sidewalks along frontage roads; and addition of pass-through lanes on I-10 that will separate traffic desiring to go to Downtown from traffic destined to go through Downtown.

The ROD documents selection of the Preferred Alternative described in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as the alternative selected for implementation. It presents the basis for the decision, summarizes the mitigation measures that will be incorporated into the project, and provides responses to issues raised in comments received on the Final EIS. Although the ROD is the final step in the EIS process and results in a Selected Alternative, future changes and refinements to the project can still occur.

After the ROD, then project development would continue, including final design, right-of-way acquisition (advance acquisition of some parcels has already begun), utility relocation, mitigation activities related to environmental impacts, and construction of the project. TxDOT also anticipates continued refinements and improvements to the project as the project design continues to develop and additional input is received from the public and other stakeholders.

TxDOT has prepared a series of white papers titled “NHHIP Project Facts & Highlights” to help convey concise and key information regarding matters of high-priority to the public. Click here to read about the following topics:

  • Addressing Flooding
  • Air Quality is Improving
  • Changed for the Better
  • Design-Specific Requests & Responses by NHHIP Segment
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Safety and Congestion Will Be Improved
  • Lower the Highways
  • Minimizing Community Impact
  • Pedestrian & Bicyclist Accommodations
  • Visual & Aesthetic Treatments
  • What if NHHIP Impacts My Property?
  • What is an FEIS?

TxDOT ha preparado una serie de papeles blancos titulada “Datos y Reflejos del Proyecto NHHIP” para ayudar y transmitir información concisa y clave con respecto a asuntos de alta calidad para el público. Haga clic aquí para leer sobre los siguientes temas:

  • Abundando las inundaciones
  • La calidad del aire está mejorando
  • Cambiado para mejor
  • Solicitudes especifícos y respuestas específicas del diseño para cada segmento de NHHIP
  • Preguntas más frequentes
  • Cómo mejorán la seguridad y la congestion
  • Bajar las carreteras
  • Minimizando el impacto de la comunidad
  • Alojamientos peatonales y ciclistas
  • Tratamientos visuales y estéticos
  • ¿Qué pasa si NHHIP afecta mi propiedad?
  • ¿Qué es un FEIS?