News - May 2018

TxDOT has continued its coordination with agencies, stakeholders, and the public since the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. In response to comments received and based on further engineering and environmental evaluation, some changes are proposed to the design of the Proposed Recommended Altenative that was presented at the Public Hearing in May 2017. The changes are in Segment 2 and Segment 3 of the project and the revised conceptual roadway layouts and typical sections can be viewed on exhibits at the links below:

Proposed Recommended Alternative (Segment 2 and Segment 3)
Conceptual Roadway Layouts and Typical Sections (May 2018)

   Segment 2: I-45 north of I-10 to I-610 Plan and Profile
   Segment 2: I-610 Interchange Plan and Profile


   Segment 3: Downtown Loop Overall Plan View

These and other design changes that were presented at the Public Hearing, such as the locations of storm water detention basins, are being evaluated and will be documented in the Final Environmental Impact Statement and associated technical reports.